Developing with CorePlexus Fuze

Why develop with CorePlexus Fuze?

There are a number of reasons to develop your application with Fuze. The two biggest are that it’s easy to integrate with your application, and the other is that it will benefit your users.

How Easy?

If you can copy and paste and put a file in your website directory, you should be able to handle it.

Why will it benefit my users?

Fuze simplifies a user’s interaction with the internet, while giving them more control and feedback. It also gives them greater security and privacy features.

Is Fuze reliable?

At the moment CorePlexus Fuze is an Alpha release. So we would suggest developers wanting to try Fuze, to use it on applications that don’t need absolutely 100% uptime, as we simply can’t guarantee it. As time goes on we will build more redundancy and eventually it will never go down. For now try it on your smaller projects!

Why not use OpenID?

OpenID is a great idea, and shares the same concept of simplifying a user’s logon as Fuze does, but after that things become quit different. OpenID only interacts with the site at the point of authentication. After that the site is on its own. Fuze however provides constant feedback to the user through the duration of there authenticated session across every site that uses Fuze. Monitoring not only the site they are using but any breaches to the users account.

Fuze is more secure and private than OpenID.

E.g. when using the Simple Registration feature of OpenID, the users details are sent back to the requesting site in the query string. Hmmmm! That’s not good!

Fuze is easier to implement!

Fuze has more features!

Fuze is the future!

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