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OneId is a digital identity service that replaces the idea that you need multiple user name and passwords for each web site you use. Learn More

CorePlexus Spaces


Imagine a cross between your web browser favourites and an iPhone. Spaces is a way for you to organise your favourite websites in an easy to use interface, that's accessible from anywhere. Learn More

Common Data Point of Difference

Common Data and the Point of Difference

Learn about common data, and why it isn't worth duplicating on your own site. Save time and resources, and concentrate on your point of difference. Learn More

What is CorePlexus FUZE?

CorePlexus FUZE is an idea that your experience with technology and the digital world should be an extension of yourself.

Currently when you use websites or other technology like smart phones, your experience is isolated to that site or piece of technology.

There is a better way then this!

Your interactions with products and services should be considered something that belongs to you, and since you created it you should have the right to use it where and how you want to!

This is a scary thought for many companies as they rely on you being locked to there product or service. What they need to realise is people choose a product or service because of what it can do for them, not that they will be locked to them!

So what is CorePlexus FUZE actually?

At this moment it’s a service that simplifies your different digital identities to OneID. There’s only one you, so it makes sense that you have only one digital ID. It also fuses (hence the name) your experience across different websites as you use them. Giving you a sense that each site you use has an understanding that you are one person. It also makes it easy to jump between the different sites you use (using CorePlexus Spaces), no matter how or where you use the internet.

This is just the beginning, and many more features and services will be added in the future with the main goal of making your experience with the digital world safe, secure, and your own!

On a final note: Eventually even CorePlexus won’t control your data. At the moment we don’t know how this will work as it will need cooperation between many different parties, but let’s get something started!

Watch CorePlexus FUZE in action

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